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About SAP and Implementation

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use business management software application – a single system that spans virtually all core business operations, including Web-based CRM and e-commerce.

SAP Business One can help you better manage processes, provide greater visibility into business operations, and get the information want – and free up the time you need – for strategic planning initiatives, business development, and customer development. Learn how SAP Business One gives companies in wholesale distribution, discrete manufacturing, retail, and professional services the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturers face increased global competition and regulations as well as fluctuating customer demand and shrinking product life cycles. With SAP Business One, you can better manage the manufacturing business with increased visibility into the supply chain, improved operational efficiencies, enhanced customer-service levels, and reduced compliance costs.

Key Drivers

  • Competitive differentiation – Increase sales through faster delivery while driving down costs.
  • MSupply chain management and extensibility – Make it easier to be part of your supply chain for both vendors and customers.
  • Automate and streamline business operations – Ease compliance with automated debit claims and authorizations.

Wholesale distribution

Wholesale distributors, by and large, want to find ways to grow revenue while reducing the cost of goods, lowering operating expenses and finding competitive advantage. Business management software should make it easier to achieve these goals. With SAP Business One, you have clear visibility into your operations, so you can make informed decisions, quickly. Time-consuming business processes that were once cumbersome become automated. More time is freed for focusing on core competencies and increased growth.

Key Drivers

  • Supplier integration – Strengthen all the links in your supply chain.
  • Transaction visibility – Track data inputs related to shipping, receiving, packing, and filling orders for reduced errors and costs.
  • Cost control –Automate wholesale processes so you can reduce costs.
  • Value-added services – Offer vendor-managed inventory and detailed invoicing.


In the retail industry, customer satisfaction is paramount. And difficult to proactively manage. Consumer demand for products varies, and their preferred delivery methods can be change in an instant. With SAP Business One, you can track inventory, keep an eye on customer demand, and get better visibility into supplier schedules, so you can keep your customers satisfied while you focus on meeting your business goals.

Key Drivers

  • Alternative sales channels -Offer products and services through the best channels, including e-commerce.
  • Supply chain management – Forecast demand through visibility into real-time sales history.
  • Lack of visibility – See into store, vendor, customer, and merchandise data.
  • Growth challenges – Attract and manage capital investment for growth.

Professional Services

Professional services firms require clear visibility into all aspects of their operations in order to remain as profitable as possible. If a company has grown organically, it may find that this visibility can be hampered by applications that aren’t connected to each other. SAP Business One can provide a single view into the data that resides in these applications, as well as automate project and project resource management, and time and expense management.

Key Drivers

  • Enhanced project visibility – Obtain a single, integrated view of data
  • Maximize resource utilization – Decrease the time needed to staff projects and leverage internal and external experts.
  • Improve operational efficiency – Enter data once.
  • Acquire profitable clients – Focus on the services and key accounts that are most profitable.
  • Deliver quality service – Meet customer service expectations.